Ruby Anniversary Party Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A ruby-themed anniversary party is ideal for a couple who is celebrating 40 years of marriage. This deep red precious stone can serve as the inspiration for the party invitations, decorations, centrepieces and favours--rubies can also be presented in some form to the couple as gifts from friends and family, as etiquette suggests.


Invite guests to the 40th anniversary celebration with invitations that are ruby-coloured; purchase invitation paper with a shiny finish to it to make the invites stand out even more. White or cream invitation paper that features a ruby in a different texture of paper in the centre of the invitation is attractive as well; If you are making the invitations yourself, you can outline the ruby in gold glitter for dramatic effect. Black or white invitation paper decorated with a red glitter border is appropriate for a ruby anniversary as well, since the glitter represents the natural shine and sparkle of the ruby.

Table Centerpieces and Decorations

Of course, ruby-coloured streamers or balloons are an easy party decorating option. Make these decorative accents stand out by purchasing balloons in the shape of rubies, or mixing red streamers with gold for a classier look. Fill a clear glass vase with plastic rubies and add nasturtium flowers to the vase, which are available in rich red and orange shades. Or, use candle holders made of red glass (to resemble rubies) on each table, surrounded by a wreath of nasturtiums. Small electric fountains decorated with burgundy stones are creative anniversary decorations as well. Place pictures of the couple on the tables where guests will sit, or on one of the walls in the party space; use a ruby frame, or a stainless steel frame decorated with plastic rubies.

Gifts and Party Favors

Since you've informed the guests that the ruby is the traditional stone associated with 40 years of marriage, request that they present a gift to the couple that reflects this, such as ruby cuff links for the "groom" and a ruby necklace for his "bride." If the party will consist of mostly family members, arrange to have a professional portrait done, or ask an artist to create an oil painting of the couple from their wedding day. Frame the gift in a mahogany or cherrywood frame to stay within the colour scheme. Send the guests home with a ruby-coloured bag filled with goodies, such as candies or desserts that were popular 40 years ago when the couple got married, or a CD filled with the couple's favourite love songs, presented in a ruby-coloured CD jacket.

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