Ideas for throwing a 40th birthday party

Updated April 17, 2017

A 40th birthday is an event worth celebrating--so throw a party worthy of the occasion. Whether you rent out a hall and throw a masquerade ball or gather friends for a humorous roast, include guests from throughout the celebrant's life and make the memorable party all about them.

Karoke Night

Throw a musical 40th birthday party with a karaoke night. The Celebrations website suggests asking everyone to sing tunes that were popular when the birthday boy was in high school. Have the birthday boy sing the first song of the evening as well as the last. Invite his high school friends as well as current ones. Decorate the invitations with musical notes or logos from rock bands popular during the year in which he graduated.


Rent out a hall and throw a masquerade ball. Choose any theme you want for the masquerade. For example, have everyone dress as movie or television stars from the decade in which the birthday girl graduated high school. Ask guests to wear any kind of costume and have the birthday celebrant choose the best one. Decorate the ballroom with plenty of festive Happy 40th Birthday balloons and banners.

Trivia-Themed Party

Throw a birthday party with trivia about the person celebrating his 40th birthday.Create a 10-question quiz with questions about the birthday celebrant's life: where he was born, how he met his spouse, what his favourite hobby is. Whomever answers the most questions correctly is the winner. Scatter poster boards around the room with pictures of the person and the questions. Blow up additional pictures of the birthday boy during different time periods and hang them in the entryway to the party.


Rent a hall for the evening and have a roast. Adorn the tables with white linen cloths and include lots of pictures of the birthday girl. Make sure you blow up at least one silly picture from her childhood and hang it on the wall or above the front table. Have the birthday girl sit at the main table while guests take turns telling funny stories about her life. However, have everyone end their speeches by saying something nice about the birthday girl and or how much she means to them.

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