Party Games for Young Kids

Written by krista sheehan
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Party Games for Young Kids
Use fun games to entertain young kids at a party. (happy kids image by Marzanna Syncerz from

Whether you are entertaining kids at a birthday, graduation or Halloween party, fun games are essential. Rather than letting the kids entertain themselves with toys and video games, plan a few kid-friendly games to play throughout the party. With their friendly competition and socialisation, party games for young kids encourage plenty of smiles and laughter.

Who Am I?

Before the party, print out or gather several different pictures of animals. You will need a different animal for each party guest. Once all the guests have arrived and it is time to play the game, use tape or safety pins to attach a picture to each child's back. The kids then wander around, asking each other questions about which animal they might be. For example, a child can ask, "Do I have a long tail?" or "Do I live on a farm?" The other kids can only answer with a "yes" or a "no." Once the child thinks he knows his animal, he can tell one of the adult party hosts his guess. If he guesses correctly, award him with a small prize. Play until all the children correctly guess their animals and receive a prize.

What's My Job?

Just as with the "Who am I" game, the "What's my job?" game also encourages kids to use their imagination and creativity. For this game, arrange all the party guests in a circle. Send one player out of the room and ask the rest of the kids to choose a job for that player. Ideas include fireman, rock star, farmer and teacher. Once her job has been chosen, allow the player to enter the room. The player then walks around the circle asking each player what she needs for her job. Each player should answer with one object. For example, if the chosen occupation is a teacher, the players might answer with "pencils," "chalk" and "books." The player continues around the circle until she correctly guesses her job.

Balloon Pop

For a loud and energetic party game, play the back-to-back balloon pop game, as recommended on the Amazing Moms website. Divide the party guests into groups of two. Supply each group with a bucket of balloons. At the start of the party game, the players press the balloons between their backs, trying to pop them. The first team to pop all its balloons might win a small prize. For an outdoor summer party, use water balloons to add an extra bit of fun to the game.

Needle in a Haystack

Finding a needle in a haystack is a big accomplishment and your party guests will certainly feel accomplished after discovering sweet treats in this fun party game. To keep the mess contained, hold this game outdoors on a large plastic tarp. Scatter various wrapped candies and small toys throughout a large pile of hay. Make "needles" by rolling dollar bills inside of aluminium foil and scatter these into the pile as well. Let the kids dig through the hay, finding the treasures and sweet treats inside.

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