Black Hairstyles for Older Women

Updated February 21, 2017

As you age your hairstyle is likely to change because hair frequently becomes dry and thin with age. Older black women have additional challenges. Since African American hair tends to be thicker, drier and more fragile than other hair types, choosing the proper hairstyle is important. If you are an older African American woman, it is ideal to choose a hairstyle that doesn't require a lot of heat styling.

Ear Length Hair

A flattering hairstyle for older black women is ear length, with fringe. A short style of this length is lovely on a mature woman since it raises the eye of the viewer, taking the focus off of a sagging neck or jawline. Soft fringe with this style also bring attention to the eyes and cover forehead lines. To achieve this style, layer the hair, and cut it shorter in back, and leave it longer on top and in the front.

Flipped Bob

A short to medium length bob with flipped-out ends is stylish for older women. This hairstyle can be cut to the chin or mid neck. Lots of layers throughout give the hair volume and movement. Bangs will also work with this style, whether they are long and side swept or classic, reaching eyebrow level. When styling the hair, use a curling or straightening iron to curl the ends and layers outward.

Shoulder Length Hair

Luscious, shoulder length curly hair is another option for mature black women. This hairstyle works best if your hair has natural ringlet curls. Styling is relatively easy using mousse and styling cream. To add curls, use a small-barrel curling iron and make random curls throughout the head. Adding a thick headband will dress up this hairstyle.

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