Common Prom Themes

Updated February 21, 2017

The prom committee needs to hear theme ideas from the graduating class to augment its own ideas and to get everyone involved in the process. Once a theme idea has become a decision, it is the prom committee's responsibility to positively communicate the theme and provide leadership to make this prom a night to fondly remember. Early on, talk to other schools to avoid duplication of themes. Remember, students look forward to an evening of ceremony and formal wear.

One Starry Night

The One Starry Night theme requires that the venue where the party is held be blacked out so cracks between doors and other miscellaneous lighting are not visible. Darken the hallways so the room is not flooded with light every time the door is opened. Create the One Starry Night theme by using strongly adhering tape to attach strings of small twinkling lights approximately two feet below the ceiling, and provide dimension by stringing strands of twinkling lights across the room about four to six feet below the ceiling. The lights should not illuminate the ceiling tiles. Suspend a large, silver quarter-moon made of aluminium foil from one corner of the room and softly illuminate it. Place glider swings, gazebos and vinyl pergolas around the room, illuminated by softly twinkling lights. Borrow or buy large plants and small trees, such as ficus trees, in a planter to give the room an outdoor look. Place large fans set on medium to simulate outdoor breezes. Decorate dining tables with black tablecloths and a floating candle in the centre. Play music that perpetuates the outdoor theme. Cover the floor with black balloons decorated with silver star decals.

Casino Royale

Negotiate with a rental company to provide the gaming equipment and supply the personnel to set up and operate a Casino Royale in the meeting hall. Decorate the hall with posters from Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. Issue paper money to the prom guests so all players can compete for the title of top gambler and big winner. Create the Casino Royale decor with lots of gold and silver glitz, glitter streamers and tinsel. Set up bars with hired bartenders to mix and serve realistic nonalcoholic mock-tails. Serve refreshments and food from street vendor-style tables. Use inexpensive decks of cards as tie-down weights to hold silver and gold helium balloons on black tablecloths. The dress theme for the girls is formal, while the boys wear suits or tuxedos. A karaoke machine and mic is set up on a stage, and guests are encouraged to perform and provide entertainment.

Masquerade Ball

A New Orleans Mardi Gras masquerade ball allows girls to dress up in a full exotic costume on one extreme or simply carry an eye mask on a small hand-holder that can be used as desired---while wearing a formal dress---on the other extreme. Arrange for street musicians playing blues or Dixieland music to weave through the crowd during the evening. Conduct a Masquerade Ball costume judging contest where guests stroll down the catwalk and the winners become the king and queen of the ball. Decorate the room to resemble the French Quarter in Mardi Gras colours like green, purple and gold. Hang bead necklaces everywhere along with New Orleans posters, masks, streamers and balloons. Throw confetti and drape the necks of guests with plastic bead necklaces as they enter and as often as possible during the party.

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