Foods to Avoid After Teeth Whitening

Updated April 17, 2017

Having your teeth whitened professionally can be expensive. So the last thing you want to do afterward is undo the effect by eating the wrong food. After the procedure your teeth can absorb the colours of food for the next three days until your enamel hardens. Avoid the following foods if you want your pearly whites to stay that way.

Dark beverages

Avoid drinking coffee, tea, or any coloured drink for at least three days after your treatment. Stick to clear liquids only - so white wine instead of red. If you drink coffee, swap your espresso for a cappuccino. Try drinking with a straw as it will help the liquid bypass the enamel and lead to less staining.

Citrus fruits and drinks

The acidity in citrus foods like orange juice will discolour the enamel. Your teeth are also prone to sensitivity after teeth whitening, and the acid in citrus fruits will only make this worse.


Chocolate, sweets and desserts attract bacteria to your mouth because they are sticky. This leads to discolouration. If you eat something sweet, brush your teeth thoroughly afterward.

Dark foods

Any food with dark colours in it are likely to blemish your newly-white smile. Avoid coloured foods like berries, dark chocolate, and dark soups. Aim for lighter coloured foods for the days following your treatment.

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