Kids birthday tea party ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Pretend "tea party" provides plenty of fun as a playtime activity for little girls. If your little girl loves to play tea party, consider incorporating the activity into the theme of her birthday party. Tea party birthday parties leave lots of room for creative decorations, cute snack ideas and costumes. Your little girl's birthday tea is sure to be an experience she will never forget.


Cut teapot-shaped invitations from colourful card stock or construction paper. Use a piece of string and staples to attach a card stock "tea bag" to the pot. Place a picture of your child or write a message like, "It's a Birthday Party!" on the teapot, and write party information on the tea bag.


Hang balloons and streamers everywhere possible. Decorate tables with pretty tablecloths, and accessorise with flowers (real or artificial), lace and ribbons. Make lollipop flowers by attaching paper leaves to the stick of a lollipop. Cut out flower petals and glue them around the lollipop, using the candy as the flower's centre. Make enough flower lollipops so each guest gets one, or make several to use as decorations. Place flowers in teapots for centrepieces. Glue doilies onto colourful paper, and fold the paper like an accordion, securing one end with a rubber band to create fans for guests.


Provide each guest with a handful of sugar cubes. Set a timer and see who can build the tallest tower before the timer goes off. Also try a version of hot potato, but pass a sugar cube around the table using only a teaspoon. Try a version of pin the tail on the donkey; draw a large picture of a teapot on a poster board and cut out a teapot top, sticking a wad of tape to the back. Have blindfolded guests try to pin the top to the teapot. To keep girls busy during down times, have them play dress-up.


Serve pink lemonade, juice or herbal teas in various teapots and teacups. Make sandwiches and cut them into star, heart and flower shapes using cookie cutters. Fresh fruit provides a healthy side dish. Serve sweet treats such as cookies or wafers. Serve birthday cake shaped like a teacup, teapot or flower. Or, in lieu of a traditional birthday cake, put out cupcakes and let the girls decorate them with candy flowers, edible glitter and sprinkles.


Turn white gift bags into large tea bags by removing the handles and attaching a tag (like the ones on tea bags) with a piece of string or thin ribbon. Write each guest's name on a tag. Fill the bags with plastic jewellery, candy, stickers, lip gloss, nail polish and fruit or herbal tea bags.

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