Jamaican Party Decoration Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

To create a Jamaican theme party, go for a full-out island motif. Jamaica stands apart from other Caribbean islands for its national pride, music, traditions and blend of cultures and languages. When choosing Jamaican-style decorations, keep in mind not to go to generically or stereotypically Jamaican. Choose custom decorations that any Jamaican would have in their homes not what you might find in a gift shop.

Colourful Icons

Design the party around typical Jamaican colours. Spread the flag colours, green, black and yellow, around the room. Think about hanging a few Jamaican flags around the house or including miniature flags in designs, like domino sets. Also, consider incorporating island colours like yellow, orange, lime green, aqua blue, royal blue and hot pink sunset colours into dinnerware and other decorations.

Outdoor Furnishings

Every Jamaican party has to feature a bamboo tiki torch for an outdoor deck. Whether you get to light the torch, feature a few of the tall, bamboo-wrapped candles around the front porch or on the deck. Trim the candle with tropical flowers for an even more tropical effect. For centre pieces, consider a bamboo torch candle, a miniature tiki torch that fits well for outdoor or indoor table centrepiece displays.

Posters and Art

Think about hanging a few Jamaican tourism vacation posters on your walls. You can ask a travel agency for posters for a cheaper price or for free. Also consider gathering post cards from Jamaican resorts or private beaches and hangouts to decorate the party area. If you have access to original Jamaican artists works, definitely show them off. Jamaican art usually features couples or individuals against a darker background set with sunset colours.

Palm Trees

Consider buying a few plastic or real palm trees to spread around the party area. The trees add an instant tropical feel. If you can, display coconuts on tables and countertops. Think about using the coconuts later to make a coconut rum or nonalcoholic drinks or making a traditional Jamaican coconut rum cake.

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