Preteen girl birthday party ideas

The years before a girl becomes a teenager are called the preteen years or the tween years. Girls are beginning to express an interest in make-up, boys and fashion. Preteen birthday party ideas make use of these interests. But you can also customise the party to fit your own girl's interests. Celebrate your almost teen's birthday with a party that she and her friends will remember.

Treat the Girls to a Spa Party

Visit a discount or dollar store and stock up on scented lotions, make-up, facial masks, nail polish, nail polish remover and other spa products. Divide the party space into different areas, including a manicure station, a pedicure station, a make-up station and a skincare station. Buy travel-size bottles of different beauty- care products and inexpensive make-up to make goody bags for the guests to take home. Once the girls arrive, show them the different stations and let them take turns at each one. Help the girls apply facial masks, wash off the masks and do their nails and hair. Encourage the girls to bring robes and slippers from home and wear those at the party.

Throw a Slumber Party

Throw a slumber party at your house. Lay down oversized pillows, blankets and sleeping bags on the floor in the living room and ask the girls to bring their own bags or pillows if they want. Fill large bowls with snacks, including popcorn, candy and chips. Supply the girls with a range of movie choices or let the birthday girl pick her favourites from the rental store. Treat the girls to miniature pizzas made from biscuit dough and tomato sauce. Let the girls pick their favourite toppings and customise their own pizzas.

The Next Tween Model

Create a fake runway in your home by laying down a long piece of red velvet fabric. Provide the girls with a range of clothes, shoes and make-up. The girls can take turns picking a new outfit, putting on their make-up and strutting down the red carpet. The other girls can wait at the sides of the red carpet. Take photos of the event and then let the girls vote on their favourite outfits and models. Give out awards for best oufits and modelling.

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