Spa Party Ideas for 13-Year-Old Girls

Updated March 23, 2017

Most 13-year-old girls would be thrilled to have a spa birthday party. If you cannot afford to schedule a real spa day for the girls, create a spa day at home. Be sure to check with parents beforehand about any allergies, especially if you are doing homemade spa masks.


Have the girls give each other manicures and pedicures. Provide each girl with her own nail file, toe separator and orange stick, then let the girls choose from a variety of nail polishes. You can also provide nail stickers or emblems for the girls to add to their nails. Provide a place for the girls to wash their hands and feet before engaging in this activity.


Hire a beauty school student or an older teen girl to come in and create up-dos for the girls. Provide each girl with her own brush and comb; also provide enough spray colour or glitter for all. Get these at the dollar store, so it doesn't work out to be that expensive.


Hire a masseuse to come to the party. In a teen birthday party scenario, the masseuse would likely offer short chair massages, focusing on the neck and shoulders. She may also talk about techniques to use when giving a massage or ways to relax.

Homemade Beauty Mask

Provide several ingredients and allow the girls to mix up their own beauty masks. Ground oatmeal and honey mixed with water makes a good combination. A mixture of yoghurt and blended cucumber makes a popular cooling mask. Another option is a mashed avocado. Have the girls wash their faces with hot water and plain soap before applying the mask. Have them remove the masks with a warm wet washcloth when dry.

Health Food Snacks

Plan a healthy menu for the spa party. Serve items that would be on a real spa's menu such as fresh fruit, salad, and small desserts. Deli sandwiches and a cold soup may work, as well. Allow the girls to put together their own food.

Goody Bag Ideas

For the goody bag, include the brush and comb you bought for each girl. You can add a few lip glosses and bottles of nail polish. Include a card with beauty and relaxation tips, a CD with relaxing music, and a bottle of lavender-scented lotion, so the girls can relax at home.

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