Fun Birthday Party Ideas for 13-Year-Olds

Updated March 23, 2017

Becoming a teenager is an exciting time in your child's life, and she'll want to celebrate with the perfect birthday party for a 13-year-old. This can be a difficult age to plan for, because your child will still want to have a fun and exciting time with her friends, yet still want to appear cool and aloof. Coming up with the perfect birthday party theme can make organising your 13-year-old's birthday party easier to organise and make her excited about this milestone.

Summer in Winter/Winter in Summer

A reversal of the seasons can be an exciting theme for a 13-year-old's birthday party. If her birthday is in summer, take her and her guests to an indoor ice skating rink and celebrate with hot chocolate and Christmas lights back at home. If her birthday is in winter, take the guests to an indoor pool; when they come home, celebrate with summery foods like hot dogs and hamburgers, fruit punch, and barbecue.

Dance Party

At this age, girls love to dance, and a dance-themed birthday party can be a great way to celebrate this. If you're comfortable with the idea, you can make it a co-ed party and invite boys as well to make it more exciting for the girls. With your daughter, come up with a list of the best dance music. Decorate the house with records and other music symbols. Rent several dance-themed movies (Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Save the Last Dance, Center Stage) for the end of the evening, when the girls are too tired to dance any more.

Spa Makeover Party

For an all-girls party, a spa makeover theme can let your daughter and her friends unwind and relax while making themselves even more beautiful. A quick trip to the drugstore will provide you with all of the materials you need: nail polish, nail files, a variety of make-up (the bolder, the better), spray-in/wash out hair dye, temporary tattoos, and other inexpensive items. Take your daughter with you so she can have the fun of shopping for the items that will make her and her friends look like stars. There are a lot of great makeover movies, as well, that the girls can watch once they've finished making themselves over (think along the lines of The Princess Diaries).

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