Party Ideas for a 65th Wedding Anniversary

Updated February 21, 2017

To be married 65 years is certainly an accomplishment that should be celebrated; if your parents or loved ones are reaching this milestone soon, you'll want to put together an event that the whole family will enjoy. The decorations, gifts and party activities should reflect what an honour it is to host a gathering for a couple whose love has stood the test of time.

Decorating for the Party

The stone associated with being married 65 years is the blue sapphire. This precious stone is an appealing, deep blue, and the shade can be used for your party decorations. Some people also present diamonds to couples who are celebrating 60th and 70th anniversaries, and these can be incorporated into the decor as well, since the 65th anniversary is in the middle of these two occasions. Purchase royal blue tablecloths, glass vases and large plastic diamonds; place the diamonds in the vase to use as a centrepiece. Or, decorate each table with white or silver tablecloths, and include a vase full of dark blue delphiniums at each table. A balloon arch filled with balloons that are the colour of blue sapphire can be positioned over the table where the couple will sit, and you can also use small clusters of balloons to decorate the table where the food will be served. If you're having the celebration in a room that has columns or pillars, wrap blue satin ribbon around the pillars for more decorative accents that are in keeping with the colour scheme.

Re-creating the Wedding

Fashion, party decor and hairstyles have definitely evolved in the 65 years that the couple have been together. You can re-create some of the elements of the bride and groom's original wedding by using some of the same colours from the ceremony or reception, or by asking friends and family to wear hairstyles, clothing or accessories that were popular 65 years ago, such as long gloves and flared skirts for women, or wide-brimmed fedoras and zoot suits for men. Invite as many people as possible to the anniversary party who attended the original wedding, and have them say a few words to congratulate the couple. Gather pictures from the couple's dating phase, as well as photos from the ceremony and reception. Enlarge and frame them, and use them as table centrepieces for the party.

Party Food

You can't go wrong with serving the couple's favourite foods; make these dishes especially fancy for the celebration. For instance, if the couple enjoys simple meals like spaghetti and meatballs, use golden tomato sauce for the dish, and offer a variety of pasta options for guests. Or serve appetizers that guests enjoyed at the couple's wedding to add more of a nostalgic element to the event. Have a cake prepared and elaborately decorated by a local bakery; submit a picture of the couple to be included on the cake, or arrange for the cake to be baked in the shape of a blue sapphire to commemorate the occasion.

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