Fun Games for a 4-Year-Old's Pirate Party

Updated March 23, 2017

The adventure of pirates on the high seas is something that thrills children of all ages. Themes of pirate ships, buried treasure and exploring uncharted islands can make a special birthday party for a curious 4-year-old exploring his own sense of adventure, and hosting a pirate birthday party for a little girl or boy can be as fun for adults as it is for kids.


Purchase pirate decorations from the store or make your own. Provide eye patches for guests to wear. Cardboard boxes coloured to look like treasure chests set around the party room and filled with toy trinkets as party favours will make your little guests happy. You can purchase cheap, fun toys at the dollar store. Hang green streamers around the room for seaweed. Use hand-drawn treasure maps on brown paper bags as place mats.


A cake shaped like a pirate ship or a flat sheet cake with blue icing for the water and decorated with a toy pirate ship are ideal cakes for a pirate-themed party. Since the foods pirates ate probably won't be appealing to your 4-year-old guests, try serving fish-shaped fish fingers and french fries. You can also serve chicken nuggets, which are easy for 4-year-olds to handle. Serve milk to drink and pretend it's coconut milk from an island explored by pirates.

Games and Activities

Make pirate hats out of paper with the kids. Try sword fighting with buccaneer cutlasses fashioned out of cardboard, which is fun and safe for small children. Another game to play is treasure hunt. Fill plastic sandwich bags with chocolate coins covered with gold foil. These chocolate coins look like treasure and make a delicious treat for the kids. You could also set up a wide board and place it over a blue blanket (not too high) for birthday guests to take turns walking the plank, pretending the blanket is an ocean full of sharks and other creatures of the sea. If you give prizes, be sure every child wins something.

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