Unique Ideas for 30th Birthday Party

Updated February 21, 2017

People sometimes view a 30th birthday as a depressing occasion; an official passage into adulthood where the carefree younger days are left behind. Don't mourn your perceived loss of youth. Send your 20s off in style with a unique 30th birthday party that will have your friends talking for years to come. You're only as old as you feel.

Month/Year Theme

Make your 30th birthday party a place to learn about things you were around for but don't remember. Throw a themed party based on the month and year you were born. Invite all guests to come in costumes appropriate to the year. Research important events that occurred in the world during the month of your birth and create a newspaper. Make the feature story about your birth and hand out the paper to all guests. Serve only foods and drinks that were around at that time. Decorate with vintage items such as packaging, toys and pictures printed from the time.

Group Celebration

People often have friends of the same age, whether they were met in elementary school or college. Chances are you have some friends who are turning 30 around the same time that you are. Throwing a joint 30th birthday party can be a nice option for those who don't enjoy being the centre of attention. Celebrating together takes the pressure off of you as you experience this milestone with others. To add a unique twist, make the theme of the party based on where you and your friends met. If you know each other from school, decorate with the school logo, mascot and colours. Even serve up food you remember from the cafeteria.

Birthday Vacation

A birthday party is often thought of as a large gathering of people, complete with entertainment, drinks and presents. A party can also consist of just a few close friends. Turn 30 on the road and plan a birthday getaway. This involves some planning and advanced notification so people can take time off work. Visit a new place; somewhere you've always dreamed of going. If you're the spontaneous type, jump in the car and head wherever the road takes you. Regardless of your vacation choice, the party trip will be a time to bond with your buddies while having a travel adventure.

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