Fun ideas for a 30th birthday party

Today's 30-year-olds are in a range of life stages. Some are married with children, others are finishing graduate school and beginning their careers, and some are enjoying the single life. Birthday party ideas for 30-year-olds should reflect the guest of honor's interests. From an intimate dinner party to an elaborate, thematic bash, there's a birthday celebration that every type of 30-year-old will enjoy.

Cocktail Party

At the age of 30, you might be past going to bars regularly but still enjoy a cocktail. Throw a swanky cocktail party at your home to celebrate turning 30. Set up rented high-top tables with bar stools on your patio or in your backyard. Create a menu full of tasty hors d'oeuvres, including mini quiches, spring rolls and stuffed mushrooms. Set up a bar, and consider hiring a bartender to serve cocktails. You can even create a signature cocktail to celebrate the guest of honour. For example, if the birthday girl loves cosmopolitans, you can offer "Kathleen's Cosmos." Let guests mingle and enjoy this adult-friendly birthday party idea.

Dinner Party

For the 30-year-old foodie, a dinner party is a suitable way to celebrate. Seek out a local restaurant that will please the birthday boy's palate. You don't have to choose a high-end restaurant for this event, though you certainly can. A fancy French restaurant or a seafood hut on the water will do; simply choose a cuisine the guest of honour enjoys. Book a private room for the dinner party and work with the chef to create a menu that reflects the 30-year-old's tastes. Decorate the banquet tables with centrepieces, such as framed photos of the guest of honour at a range of ages. Saying "Happy 30th Birthday" with a dinner party is ideal for the person who loves food and the company of his close family and friends.

Decade Party

A 30th birthday party is a time to reflect on the last 30 years. One way to do this is to host a birthday party that takes guests back to the birthday girl's youth. For example, a 1980s birthday celebration calls for guests to come in their favourite neon attire, complete with crimped hair and big fringe. You can play classic '80s music like Michael Jackson, Madonna and The Police. Guests' costumes can be creative for a 1990s-themed party; they can wear a grunge look or go professional with power suits, complete with shoulder pads. Nirvana, New Kids on the Block and Aerosmith tunes will delight guests.

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