House Cleaning Routine Schedule List

Written by luanne kelchner | 13/05/2017
House Cleaning Routine Schedule List
A cleaning schedule can put more leisure time in your life. (Woman cleaning the house. image by maron from

Developing a housecleaning routine can help eliminate having to devote an entire day to your household chores. Splitting up the major cleaning tasks over a week helps to get all of the work done in an efficient manner. Creating a housecleaning list puts more time back in the schedule for leisure activities.

Major Chores

The major chores in your home that are not performed on a regular basis, such as oven cleaning, exterior and interior window cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning and closets, should be added to a yearly schedule according to the frequency that the work is done. For example, if you typically clean your oven once a month, choose a day on the calendar to clean the oven each month.

Keeping all of the heavy work devoted to one day can be exhausting. Spreading out the major chores can make the work less tiresome and can keep you from getting overwhelmed with the major work. Make sure to limit the major chores to one per day.

Daily Cleaning

The daily cleaning list will contain all of the chores that are accomplished every week in the home. Some cleaning tasks, such as dishwashing, sweeping and general tidy work, do not have to be included in the weekly cleaning schedule. Tasks such as changing sheets, laundry, washing floors, cleaning the bathroom and polishing furniture can be divided among the days of the week. The schedule should take into consideration other chores and engagements that you have during the week, such as work, school or luncheon engagements.


Giving the rooms in your home a deep cleaning can be added to the schedule on a rotating basis. For instance, choose a room once or twice a week to give a complete thorough cleaning. Rotating the rooms that are given the deep cleaning treatment will ensure that every room gets a good scrubbing on a regular basis.

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