Ideas for decorating small porches

Updated February 21, 2017

Every item on a small porch needs consideration. Over-accessorising your porch creates a cluttered, unwelcoming atmosphere. With a little planning, your small porch will be inviting to guests for an afternoon cup of tea or provide the ideal location for an afternoon spent lounging and reading a good book.


Consider your seating options for your small porch. Do not place numerous pieces of large furniture on the porch. Decide whether you have ample room for a wicker seating option or possibly a corner seating area with two rocking chairs. Place a small table next to your seating to serve food and beverages.

Neutral Colors

Consider neutral, natural colours for your small porch. Select light shades as your main colour theme--for example, wheat, beige and light green. Bold, bright colours on a small porch can accentuate the lack of space and should be used minimally.

Natural Textures

Extend the natural beauty of the outdoors on your small porch by incorporating natural textures throughout the porch. Consider furniture made from materials found in nature; for example, wicker or wood. Woven tablecloths work well on porches. You may wish to frame artwork in a wooden frame and hang it on your porch.

Window Treatments

If your porch is enclosed and contains windows, consider your window treatment options. Dark, bold window treatments create a small atmosphere by enclosing the porch. Select window treatments made from natural materials--for example, gently woven tablecloths work well to cover windows on a small porch. If you do not have neighbours, you may wish to allow the natural sunlight to radiate throughout the porch, using no treatment at all.


Place small rugs on your porch. When selecting your rugs, stay with the theme of a natural, neutrally-decorated porch. You may wish to place a rug under a table or next to your seating arrangement. This provides a soft, comfortable area for bare feet while relaxing on your porch. If you cannot find small rugs suitable for the porch, consider placing one large area rug on it.


Decorate your porch with a variety of potted plants and herbs. Small porches work well for a small container garden. Depending on whether your porch is enclosed, you may wish to decorate the porch with tomato plants. Tomato plants add a hint of colour to a neutral porch, doing double duty as they provide food for your kitchen.

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