Ideas for an American Themed Party

Written by tom ryan | 13/05/2017
Ideas for an American Themed Party
American flags are the perfect decoration for an American-themed party. (america image by Byron Moore from

Whether you live in the United States or you're simply an Americana enthusiast, throwing an America-themed party is a way for you and your friends to celebrate the red, white and blue. When you give your party an American spin, the decor, activities and food can all ring as true as the Liberty Bell in 1776.


Any theme party needs a slew of appropriate decorations to drive the point home, so don't be afraid of going too over-the-top with your American decor The obvious traditional choice is to decorate with red, white and blue, the colours of the American flag. Give Old Glory a run for its money by decking out your home or backyard with red, white and blue crepe paper, table clothes, candles, confetti and other decorative accents.

For more understated American-themed decor, focus on a period in American history that you would like to emulate. For example, you could throw an American Revolution party and decorate the room with antique furniture, old-style American flags (with fewer stars) and a replica of the Declaration of Independence.


Give your party guests a taste of America by cooking up some traditional American cuisine. Many people consider America a melting pot. Many traditional "American" foods have ethnic or regional influences. For example, Cajun-style cooking defines Louisiana, though it is influenced by a combination of African, Spanish and French cooking. Despite its popularity in America, pizza takes its roots in Italian food. Still, America isn't without its own unique dishes and styles. Crispy, southern-style fried chicken is good for party finger food, while corn is a perfectly traditional side dish. And of course, nothing is more American than a freshly baked apple pie for dessert.


You can keep your party guests entertained with a variety of America-themed activities, as well. For an elaborate game, set up a neighbourhood-wide scavenger hunt with an Americanist twist--for example, imagine that the players are embroiled in a dispute between revolutionaries and British redcoats, and that the scavenger hunt will eventually lead to secret information that will win America's independence. Set up America-themed clues handwritten on parchment squares for authenticity.

For a low-key party, you may stock up on some of your favourite America-themed entertainment. Rent movies like "The Patriot," or the miniseries "John Adams" so you and your guests can kick back and watch the country's early days in style.

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