Fireplace Decorating Treatments

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether it is functional or purely decorative, a fireplace can add style and ambience to a room. The way a fireplace is decorated can set the tone for an entire room. There are many options for decorating a fireplace so that it gives the most to the atmosphere of your home.


The mantel over a fireplace, that strip of wood that extends from the wall out, is the perfect location for setting up a variety of decorations. Laying a fabric runner over the mantel if it is wide enough will accent the paint colours in the room. Pottery, candles or pictures are also decorating options for a mantel. Mantel decorations can also be seasonal. Flowers in the spring and evergreen boughs in the winter bring the beauty of the seasons into your home, creating an appropriate and fresh look.


For fireplaces that are not functional, place candles or candelabras in the hearth itself. Scented candles can also add to the ambience of your room. A simple approach to using candles is to select candles of all one colour and position them in various places in the hearth. If the fireplace still has the grate upon which logs would be placed, position some candles on the grate and some on the brick ground of the hearth.

Logs and Lights

If you have a non-functioning fireplace but would like the rustic look of a wood fire, you can build a fire without actually lighting it. You can do this very simply and cheaply by selecting three to five logs that are clean and attractive and arranging them on the fireplace grate. To give the appearance of fire in a safe way, wrap a string of white holiday lights around the logs. When the lights are plugged in, the glow created around the logs will give the natural appearance of a wood fire.


Wicker baskets can add a natural element to your fireplace decoration. In a nonfunctional fireplace, put a large basket that can hold logs or carefully arranged twigs. You can accent the larger basket by adding smaller baskets to the mantel. These smaller baskets can hold seashells, dried flowers, dried berries or unique stones. Because of their gentle tones and natural look, wicker baskets bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.


A fireplace is a wonderful area in which to display artwork. Pottery in particular can compliment your hearth very well. Mix and match the pottery---the pieces don't have to be the same size. Two large and unique pieces on either side of the hearth can give symmetry to your fireplace. You can keep dried flowers, reeds or tall grasses in the large pieces. Keep it simple and choose 1 to 3 pieces of smaller pottery to display on the mantel. Remember, perfection is not the object here, but rather the natural look of the pottery. For this reason, you needn't spend exorbitant amounts on expensive pottery; you can make your own or buy some from a local artist. You may also find some artistic and interesting pieces at yard sales.

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