Awesome Ideas for a 16 Year Old Girl's Bedroom

Updated February 21, 2017

Make your daughter's sweet sixteen special by redecorating her room. Do not make it a surprise, as it is important that she has input into what colour, theme, furniture and accessories you'll need. She can even embrace her independence and do a lot of the remodelling herself. Keep an open mind since she is the one who will spend most of her time in the room. Talk to her about the budget; you can even encourage her to save up for some of the additions she desires.


Discuss with your daughter what colours she would like to incorporate. Rafter Tales suggests picking a total of two primary colours and two accent colours for the entire room, including walls, curtains, bedspreads and floor coverings. Colour Scheme Designer helps you select primary and secondary colours that match. Zimbio recommends lime green walls with a hot pink bedspread, door, curtains and furnishings, for example. Paint walls a solid colour, or a background colour with flower, stripe, polka dot or other designs using stencils. Even if your daughter wants black walls, line windows with bright-coloured curtains and add white paint to the ceiling and trim to make the room light up.


Instead of buying a new bed, consider purchasing a new headboard, such as a wooden bookcase headboard or a metal model with antique-style arches. Even a new bedspread that corresponds to your daughter's chosen theme and colours can change the appearance of her bed. For extra privacy, ask your daughter if she would like a canopy. Attach sheer curtain panels to the ceiling and drape them over the bed.

Other Furnishings

Discuss with your daughter what her bedroom functions entail. A teenage girl may use her room for homework or social time, while others prefer a vanity to get ready in the morning. Add unused furniture from around the house that has a more grown-up feel to it. Apply paint and designs to furniture already in her room that reflects her age. Bean bag chairs that match the colour scheme are useful for times when she entertains friends. If she does not already have a desk, consider buying one new or used as well as a desk lamp. She can use it for homework, university preparation, creative projects and work on the computer.


If your daughter wants posters, pin them to cork strips or hang them off an ornamental clothesline in one portion of the room. Alternatively, create a collage with her pictures and posters and frame it, for a more refined look. Add the room's colour and theme to existing lampshades. Attach a fabric that your daughter chooses to the shade using a glue gun or staple gun. Hang a notice board next to your daughter's desk. Encourage your daughter to place pieces of her own art work on walls and shelves. Vases with fake flowers or candles are also more grown-up additions.


Bedroom Ideas suggests several teenage girl themes. The Bohemian style incorporates purple, pink and gold tones, beaded lampshades, paper lanterns and paisley designs on walls and bedspread. The Mod-Alternative style includes geometric shapes on walls and accessories, faux-leather or polyester furniture, lava lamps and beaded curtains. A Zen style bedroom may include a floor bed, vases with bamboo, scrolls with Japanese calligraphy and ornamental tea pots.

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