Home decorating ideas for a 21st birthday

Written by vera leigh | 13/05/2017
Home decorating ideas for a 21st birthday
Decorate your house with numbered decals for a 21st birthday party. (Number 21 image by Kirill Volodin from Fotolia.com)

If you have a son or daughter who is approaching a 21st birthday, then you may want to host a birthday party to celebrate this milestone. Hosting a 21st birthday party can be challenging, as the question of drinking could cause some uneasiness. But when decorating for the party, your best bet is to focus on the milestone of the 21st birthday.

Numbered Decorations

Hang paper 2s and 1s from lighting fixtures and ceiling fans in your home. You can do this by cutting out the numbers from paper and stapling a piece of yarn or string to the tops of the numbers. Secure the hanging numbers from any object that is positioned in a high place. You also can hang a "2" and a "1" on each of the doorknobs in your house.

Cake Decorations

Your birthday cake can be a decoration all by itself. Bake a cake in the shape of a "2" and a "1" using cake pans in these shapes or by cutting out the numbers from a rectangular cake pan. Ice the numbered cakes with your son's favourite colours. Another idea is to have a cake made that features a caricature of your son.

Top 21 List

Compose a "Top 21" list of why you and your family love your daughter. You can get your daughter's friends to help with this. Write all of these reasons on pieces of poster board, which you can buy from your local craft store, and then cut out the reasons in long strips. Attach them onto windows and doors in your house. Lay them on the food table and the coffee table. Hang them from light fixtures. You will create a unique, entertaining space that honours the birthday person.

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