Teenage Boys: Room Decorating Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

For a teenage boy, his room is more than just a space to sleep, it's also a place to hang out with friends and seek solitude. It's his own space where he can be himself and show off his unrestrained individuality. When decorating a teenage boy's room, take his personality into consideration and base the decor on his tastes.

Music Man

If your teenage boy loves music, use his love as a theme for his bedroom. There is no colour that is right or wrong for this room--simply paint the walls a colour he likes. Use old records to create a border in the space. Frame and hang posters of his favourite musicians on the walls. You can also frame sheet music from some of his favourite tunes and display them. Old instruments--such as guitars--can be used as three-dimensional wall art. If he plays instruments, showcase them by installing recessed lighting over them.

Video Games

A teenage boy who likes video games will appreciate this themed bedroom. If you're artistic, paint a mural from the boy's favourite video game, or use video game decals to add interest to the walls. Copy the inserts of video game covers and frame them for wall art. Wall shelves can be used as storage for a video game collection. An entertainment centre is the ideal place to put a television and gaming system. Comfortable chairs situated around the entertainment centre provide seating during game playing.

Surfer Dude

Perhaps your teenage boy enjoys surfing. If so, create a surfer's paradise for him in his bedroom. Make the walls resemble the beach by painting the bottom half a sand colour and the top half a light shade of blue. Fashion a surfboard into a headboard. White furniture complements the look of this space. For linens, use fabrics that feature hibiscus flowers or red and white stripes--like a cabana. Lay a jute rug on the floor. Place a pot of beach grass in a corner of the room. Hang string of novelty palm tree lights around the room. Hang framed pictures of waves or surfers on the walls. Use raffia hula-skirts as curtains.

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