Ideas for decorating a masquerade ball mask

Updated February 21, 2017

Masquerade ball masks can be simple and chic or oversized and elaborate. Your masquerade mask will be the face you present at the party, so use it to express your style and flair. Match your mask to your outfit; or, if you create a mask centrepiece, match your outfit to the mask. Pick a theme, or just let your creativity loose and make something truly original. However you decide to decorate it, start with a mask form in simple and unadorned plastic or cloth. Although you could make a mask form yourself, getting the eyes shaped right can be tricky. Misshapen eye holes can ruin an otherwise outstanding masquerade ball mask.

Tiger Mask

Channel the sleek and ferocious tiger with a striped orange and black mask that highlights your power and grace. Start out with some tiger-print felt, a low-temperature glue gun, orange glitter and orange and black feathers. Lay the felt on the mask form and cut carefully around the edges. Glue the felt to the mask and decorate it with glitter (attach the glitter with a glue stick or use d├ęcoupage medium for a sleek, shiny finish). Attach the feathers outside of the corners of the eyes, alternating colours. If you have access to a hot glue gun only, be sure not to apply hot glue directly to the plastic mask form.


Create dramatic horns for your mask out of paper mache. Make paper mache by dipping tissue paper in wallpaper adhesive and applying it in layers. Mold the paper mache around lightweight sculpture wire for larger horns. Sculpture wire is available at most craft stores and is easy to work with. Attach one end of the wire to your mask to the side of one eye with a low-temperature glue gun (super glue also works well). Shape the horn however you like and attach the other end of the wire to the mask. Repeat on the other side (be careful not to make the horns too big or the mask may fall off your face). Wrap the wire with the paper mache and give it time to dry (24 hours is usually ideal). You can use this technique to create many different shapes.

Craft Embellishments

With a mask form, you can glue on virtually any lightweight craft material. Use your creativity to come up with fanciful embellishments like butterfly wings, whiskers and beaks. Incorporate your mask into your outfit, if possible. If you are wearing a gown with lace, include lace in your mask. If your gown sparkles, load up on the glitter. You can also use feathers to create a wide crown or a dramatic winglike side fan.

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