Adult Secret Agent Themed Party Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

From James Bond to Austin Powers, secret agent lore from pop culture is rich with dashing and clumsy characters from movies and television shows. Spy films have left their mark on music and bartending, as well. As such, party organisers will find a wealth of material for ideas when planning a secret agent themed party for adults.

Secret Agent Music Mix

Keep your guests in the espionage spirit with a mix of tunes like Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger" and the famous "Dr. No" theme heard in every Bond movie. You can find musical inspiration from the "Mission Impossible" and "Jason Bourne" series, as well. Use the movie soundtracks as your starting point. Scour playlist websites like Playlist and Spotify for ideas and use AMG's to find track listings of soundtracks. Burn CDs, play music from your computer or use an MP3 player connected to the sound system.

Themed Invitations

Create invitations that look like they are from an intelligence agency. Use a memo template from Microsoft's online Office theme gallery to create a document in Word. If you don't have Word, use the images of the templates on the site as a guide to create your own memo in whatever word processing program you use. Print verbiage such as "The CIA requests your attendance at special event." Use manila envelopes to enclose the invitation and make stickers from address labels with the word "Confidential" in bold. Preface the names of your guest with "Secret Agent."

"Casino Royale" Gambling Theme

Let your guests pretend they are high rollers in a spy movie like "Casino Royale" with blackjack, poker and craps tables. Keep the wagering friendly by having the prizes limited to inexpensive spy-themed gifts like those available from the online shop of the International Spy Museum. Rent casino tables and folding chairs from a local rental facility and buy playing cards, chips, die and other game accessories from a local party store or major discount retailer. Decorate the tables with black tablecloths. Recruit dealers from among your friends to work the tables and tell them to wear white shirts, with black bow ties and black tuxedo slacks.

Secret Agent Cocktails

"Shaken but not stirred" may be known all over the world as an instruction of James Bond's signature vodka martini, but there are other cocktails featured in the Bond series. Create a menu of Bond cocktails, hire a bartender or a guest who can mix drinks, and give your guests a 007 cocktail experience. Other 007 drinks include the Vesper, Americano, scotch and soda, Mojito, Old-Fashioned, and the Negroni. Add drinks inspired by famous Bond characters like Moneypenny, Pussy Galore and Honey Ryder, created by famous mixologist Douglas Ankrah.

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