Birthday Party Spa Ideas for 13 Year Olds

Updated November 21, 2016

Young teenage girls often want to feel and look more grown up than they actually are. They see grown women getting to dress up and go to places like the spa and often wish to emulate this adult behaviour. A fun idea for a 13-year-old's birthday party is to hold a "Spa Party," with spa-like activities for the girls. With a little preparation, the girls can have a spa day just like grown-up ladies and have a great time doing it.

Invitations, D├ęcor and Gift Bags

The part invitations should have a light and girl design with relaxing images. The party's theme colours should be calming and light, such as soft greens, pinks and whites. Soothing music and dimmed to provide a true "spa" experience. When each girl arrives, she can receive flip-slop sandals and a terrycloth robe, plus a headband or elastic bands to pull her hair away from her face. Goody bags can include things like bath salts, nail polish, nail files, miniature soaps, lotions and facial products.

Body Care

When creating the invitations, suggest that the girls come to the party in their swimming costumes, which will help prevent staining or messing up clothes and will leave their arms and legs bare. Let the girls use some warm water and a body scrub with a loofah to clean and exfoliate their skin. They can dry off with a soft towel and follow with a rich body lotion. Scented lotions will make the experience feel even more luxurious.


Facials at a spa clean and exfoliate the skin while also offering a relaxing escape. At a spa birthday party, guests can wash their faces with a gentle facial cleanser and then pat dry with a towel. Or have them take turns standing with their faces over a bot of gently boiling water (not too close) to lightly steam their face and open the pores. They can finish their facial with a mask and cucumber slices over their eyes. After lying down for 15 minutes, guests can rinse away the mask with warm water and apply a gentle facial moisturiser.

Manicure and Pedicure

One of the most popular services at a spa is the manicure/pedicure. A "mani/pedi" table set up the party can display nail polish in a variety of bright shades, along with nail polish remover and cotton balls to remove any existing nail polish. The girls can take turns painting each other's fingernails and toenails. Once the nails are dry, a massage with hand lotion will smooth their hands and feet.

Spa Food

Spas generally offer healthy food for their customers. The spa party activities can be topped off with a "spa lunch" such as salad, tea sandwiches and fruit. Pitchers of ice water with fruit or sliced cucumbers floating in them also replicate the spa experience. Select a birthday cake or cupcakes in a light flavour, such as lemon or strawberry.

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