Hen night party game ideas

Written by jim radenhausen
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Hen night party game ideas
Hen party games may involve some drinking. (young women chatting image by forca from Fotolia.com)

On the eve of their wedding day, brides-to-be have one chance to enjoy their final bachelorette moments. While some have a wild evening out on the town on hen night, others opt to spend time with girlfriends at a party. Hen party attendees can play various party games to help the bride-to-be enjoy her last night as a single woman.

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Bridal Quiz

Prior to the hen party, the hostess asks the groom 20 questions about himself and records his answers. At the party, guests take turns asking the bride those questions about her husband-to-be. Prior to the quiz, guests may make monetary bets on how many questions they think the bride will answer correctly, with the guest guessing closest winning the money. For every question she gets wrong, and as long as she's of legal drinking age, the bride-to-be takes a drink from her alcoholic beverage.


Hen party guests wanting to engage in dares play "Challenge," which essentially is "Truth or Dare" minus the "truth." If players refuse to perform the dare at hand, they must take a couple of drinks from their alcoholic beverage or perform another predetermined "punishment."

Cross Your Legs

Guests spend a lot of time chatting and sitting at hen parties. Many don't realise how often they cross their legs. For this game, the hostess distributes 25 to 30 stickers to all guests, who stick them onto their shirts or tops. Every time other guests catch them crossing their legs, guests remove one sticker. At the end of the night, the guest with the most stickers remaining wins.

Hen Night Purse Game

Guests receive a small prize depending on their purse contents in this game. Items that women are not known to carry in their purse on a regular basis---such as spare underwear or an alcoholic beverage---carry a higher points value, with common items such as a cell phone, chewing gum, condoms or a hair brush worth fewer points. The hostess should exercise creativity with the items list, and ensure the point values correspond with the perceived regularity in which women carry the items in their purse.

Know Your Own Man

For a few minutes during the hen party, the bride-to-be's future husband and three or four other men appear. The hostess blindfolds the bride and the men roll up their trouser leg to the knee, leaving the bride-to-be to try identifying her man by feeling each leg.

Make A Man

Guests make a "man" out of individual clay body parts in this game. The hostess assigns a "body part" to each player or team, with no size limitations; when combined, the parts make a whole man. Without looking at other players' work, each team sculpts their body part. When every team completes its sculpture, the bride-to-be collects all the parts and puts them together, forming a man.

Musical Truths

"Musical Truths" cuts the dare out of "Truth or Dare," requiring hen party guests to answer revealing "Yes" and "No" questions. Sitting in a circle, players move to an available seat to their right upon answering "yes" to a question, and stay seated if they answer "no." The first player who makes it back to her original seat wins.

Never Say Never

While sitting around a table or in a circle, guests see if anyone else has engaged in a particular activity that they have not. When a player says an "I never" statement, any guest who has performed the "I never" action takes a drink from their alcoholic beverage. For instance, if someone says, "I never dated a married man," anyone who has takes a drink. Play continues around the circle, with each guest saying a new "I never" statement.

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