Face & neck yoga exercises

Written by evelyn trimborn
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Face & neck yoga exercises
Easy pose is one of the basic face and neck yoga poses. (yoga #5 image by Adam Borkowski from Fotolia.com)

Face and neck yoga exercises are designed to relieve tension and strengthen muscles. Some yoga practitioners also believe that the face and neck yoga can decrease wrinkles and give the skin a more vital glow. Yoga exercises for the face and neck can increase circulation and blood flow and also help ease stiffness and pain. They will sometimes be used in combination with other poses and special breathing patterns.

Easy Pose

Easy pose is one of the main yoga poses, a starting position for your exercises. Sit upright with head and neck aligned and chin tucked in and legs crossed, hands resting lightly on your knees. Breathing can range from natural to special yoga breaths. This pose helps your face and neck muscles relax and your mind to become more meditative. This pose can be used in combination with other poses. You can also give yourself a facial massage in this pose once you have given yourself time to relax.

Lion Breath

In easy pose, lion breath requires you exhale and roar like a lion, with your tongue stretched out and downwards as far as possible and you eyes kept wide open. This yoga exercise is supposed to alternately tense and relax your facial muscles.

Happy Puppy Breath

Sitting in easy pose, stick your tongue out in a more relaxed manner than lion breath and start panting like a happy puppy. This yoga pose will relax some facial muscles, tense others and help deliver more oxygen to the body for a more youthful and energised complexion.

Corpse Pose

This pose requires you to lay flat on your back, arms at your sides, palms upward, as you do long, deep, even breathing. This will relax the body and ease the muscles of the face. You can also massage your face as you lay there.

Downward Dog

Downward dog requires you to make a pyramid of the body, with hands and feet flat on the floor and your buttocks pointing towards the sky. Inverted poses where the head is lower than the heart improve circulation and bring extra blood flow to the area, promoting oxygenation and rejuvenation.

Upward-Facing Dog

Reverse the pose so that hands are still flat on the floor, arms full length. Allow the hips to come down to the floor, with your toes and the top of the feet now on the floor. Look up at the ceiling. This pose will stretch face, neck and chest to lengthen and strengthen the muscles.

Neck Stretch

Sitting in easy pose with relaxed, natural breathing, and moving your head and neck only, tilt your chin towards your chest slowly. Return to centre. Now tilt it back. Return to centre. Tilt your right ear towards your shoulder slowly. Return to centre. Repeat, this time on the left side. This will stretch stiff neck muscles and some claim it will also firm and tighten the skin and jaw.

Neck Circles

Sitting in an easy pose using a regular breath while moving your head and neck only, drop your chin to your chest and then start moving your head in a slow circle all the way around, from left to right. Tilt your ear to your left shoulder, then your head back, then your right ear down towards your right shoulder and back to centre with the chin close to the chest. Repeat several times slowly to get the full stretch and range of motion and then repeat in the opposite direction, chin to chest yoga exercise will and then tilting the right ear towards the shoulder. This exercise should help ease stiffness and neck pain and firm up the whole area while making it more flexible.

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