The Best Tops for Women With Large Breasts

Written by mimi abney | 13/05/2017
The Best Tops for Women With Large Breasts
The best tops for women with large breasts feature V-necks or empire-waist styles. (Manicure on a female bust image by YURY MARYUNIN from

If you have large breasts, you'll want to purchase blouses and tops that minimise the bust without compromising your sense of style. Investing in a good bra with sturdy and sculpted cups is important to improve lift and support. However, selecting the best tops for your size can complement your décolletage and flatter your figure without adding unwanted volume to your upper body.

Wrap Top

A wrap top in jersey, rayon or cotton can reduce the appearance of an ample bosom. The wrap top creates a flattering V-neck that draws the eye up to your chest while creating the appearance of a smaller waist. When you buy wrap tops, select a fabric that skims your curves instead of clinging to them.

Blouse with Vertical Pleats

Subtle accents on the top of your blouse like vertical pleats flatter your décolletage while offsetting the fullness of a larger chest. Avoid blouses with bold vertical stripes that add unwanted volume to a large bust.

Empire Waist Blouse

An empire waist top features a tight band of fabric under the bust. This style features a piece of long flowing fabric located beneath the band that balances a large bust. To ensure that the blouse hangs properly, purchase empire waist blouses that fit snugly under your bust, about three to five inches above your belly button.

V-Neck Top

V-neck tops flatter women with large busts best. The open and upside-down triangle found in the V-neck shape gives the illusion of a slimmer and longer upper body. For busty women, a V-neck top provides the perfect balance between a structured shoulder and an exposed neckline.

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