Ideas for Homemade Spider-Man Birthday Cards

Updated February 21, 2017

Spider-Man is everyone's favourite web-slinging superhero. Start your child's party off right with cool invitations featuring the masked hero. You could spend money buying generic party invitations, but making them at home is more convenient and allows you to fully customise the invitations. Get the birthday boy involved in the fun, as well.

Photo Invitation

Most little boys have a Spider-Man outfit in their bedroom that they love to play with. Have your child don his outfit and strike a superhero pose for some pictures. Pick the picture that turned out the best, and glue it to the front of a piece of black or red card stock to create a photo invitation. Write all the party details inside, including time, date, address and RSVP information. Don't forget to mention that guests can also dress like Spider-Man if they desire.

Scary Spider

Make a spider shaped invitation using black card stock or construction paper. Cut a big circle for the body, and use a white gel pen or glitter pen to write the party details on the spider. Cut black pipe cleaners in half to use for legs. Attach them to the spider body with tape or glue. Tape a black piece of yarn or string to the top of the spider to look like webbing. Deliver the special spider invitations by hand.

Comic Book Invitations

Use a scanner to scan in a page from a Spider-Man comic book or find an image online that will be appropriate for this invitation. Use photo editing software to remove what is in the speech bubbles on the comic book, and add in the party details. Print them out and use the comic page as an invitation. Another alternative if you don't have access to photo software is to help your child draw his own comic and write the information on it. He will love getting to make his own party invitations.

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