Peekaboo Highlight Techniques

Updated April 17, 2017

Highlights are a fun way to add colour, depth and dimension to your hair. You can achieve a natural or bold look based on placement, colour and size of highlighted portions. One popular look is peekaboo highlights, a unique take on traditional methods. Contrasting colours are hidden underneath the overall colour, and can only be viewed when the hair is moved, styled or separated in particular way. The result can be subtle or dramatic based on colour choice and size of the streaks.

Bold, Colorful Streaks

A flash of purple or pink just visible through the upper layers of your hair adds unexpected fun and flair. Preparation is key to bold peekaboo highlights. You'll definitely want to plan out the placement of your streaks before applying any colour. If your natural hair colour is brown to black, you may want to begin by bleaching the colour out of your hair in order to achieve a more vibrant highlight. Applying unnatural colours like pink, blue, purple and red in the peekaboo technique is perfect for achieving a unique style and a more wearable look.

Extreme Contrasts

Another popular peekaboo highlighting technique is based upon extreme colour contrasts. For instance, raven black hair with white blond highlights creates a very striking style. Other popular contrasts include ash blond highlights on chestnut brown hair and jet black highlights on platinum blond hair. Since contrast is the ultimate goal, the placement and size of highlights can be more liberal. One to two inch sections of hair are bleached or dyed to produce a head-turning result.

Natural Dimensions

When simple, natural highlights are not enough, you may decide to opt for bolder peekaboo highlights. Hair at the crown of the head should be sectioned off and pinned away. Diagonal sections of hair near your face can be painted neutral, natural colours like caramel, chestnut, blond or black using box dyes from your local pharmacy or beauty supply store. You may add many highlights or a single streak to achieve a subtle yet beautiful style.

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