Tips on How to Set up a Sony Bravia HD

Updated March 23, 2017

Having an HDTV is an entertainment dream for many people; however, many do not get to enjoy its full capabilities due to their lack of knowledge about installation. Sony Bravia HD is among the most popular HDTVs. Learning a few tips on proper set-up will ensure that you get your money's worth.


The first misstep that many people make with their Sony Bravia HDTVs is to hook it up with the improper cables. Only HD cables can transmit HD pictures, so you cannot expect to get HD quality with anything less. S-Video and composite cables are commonly used, which is a mistake because they cannot transmit 1080p HD footage.

HDMI cables are one of the best connection methods, as they allow proper viewing of HD sources. And to view Sony Bravia HD, you must also be watching media transmitted in HD.

Performance Settings

The Sony Bravia HDTV offers many setting options. The key is adjusting the colours. Many times, the TV settings will be skewed straight out of the factory---ofte times in an attempt to stand out from competing brands. Restoring the image to industry standard usually just requires a bit of adjustment on the picture controls, accessible from the "Menu" button. Brightness should be about halfway. When viewing HD quality images, you can set the sharpness to 0. Contrast should be around 50 per cent.

Calibration DVD

If you are unsure whether you can set up your Bravia properl, you can use a set-up DVD, which takes you through the steps. There are also certified technicians at most electronics stores, although this may cost you £195.

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