French Crop Hairstyles

Updated March 23, 2017

A French crop is a men's hairstyle in which the hair is cut short on the sides and back, while the top and front sections are kept a little longer, according to This hairstyle often appears neat and classic, although it can be styled to suit other looks, such as rugged and laid back. According to men's online magazine Ask Men, the French crop works well for men working in corporate and government environments.


Since a French crop hairstyle usually appears clean and neat as-is, simply combing it can achieve a more formal look. A combed French crop gives a sophisticated appearance that requires minimal maintenance. Men's Flair recommends using hair gel to style the hair for more formal events like dinners and weddings. Comb up for a classic and elegant look. Wear fringe or fringe at the front by styling and shaping it using a brush. Hair gel will sustain the style throughout the day.


Achieve a more casual look by letting the fringe of the hair fall to the front. Sweep the hair using your fingers for a laid-back and casual appearance. To eliminate the need for styling products to keep the hair from looking too messy, keep it well trimmed on the sides and the back. The front part of the hair shouldn't be too short in order to make it appear loose and youthful. According to Beauty and the Bath, it can also help disguise a receding hairline. You can apply mousse to have more freedom in styling. Unlike gel, which hardens and makes hair appear shiny, mousse simply helps hold the hair in place without the shine.


A French crop can also be styled to achieve a rugged and edgy look. Use hair gel and group the hair strands, pulling them away from the scalp. According to Ask Men, this creates spikes and uneven layers, giving an alternative and youthful look. Make sure that you grow the fringe long enough to achieve distinct spikes.

Hair Boutique recommends donning a messy look if you are square-jawed because it diverts attention from the bottom of the face to the hair. For a messy look, apply mousse on the hair. Run your fingers through the sides, paying more attention to the front. Scrunch your hair for a fuller look. Shake your head to finish off the styling, as it creates a more natural appearance, rather than a styled and deliberately tousled look.

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