Interactive Powerpoint Games

Written by eric benac
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Interactive Powerpoint Games
PowerPoint presentations can be used in classroom or work settings. (computers screen 2 image by chrisharvey from

PowerPoint is a software program designed by Microsoft. It is used to create slide show presentations on your computer that can be projected onto a screen. Users can add pictures, sounds, animations and anything else they like to their presentation. Interactive PowerPoint games can add fun to any classroom or school setting by presenting ideas in an entertaining way.

Quiz Show Games

Quiz show games are simple to design on PowerPoint and can be informative and fun. Start by choosing a series of questions that you want to ask. Arrange them into a format where each question is worth a certain number of points. Jeopardy is one game you can emulate. Create a background where there are question columns with five questions that are worth an increasing amount of money. Players click on the square to get the question and get points for answering. Another template you can try is "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?" In this game, players answer questions for an increasing number of points. They only get one question at a time and can ask for advice three times before moving on. They can stop at any point. You can create any quiz show template you like in PowerPoint.

Racing Games

Another template for PowerPoint gaming is the racing game. One player should be the "race leader" and control the computer that is monitoring the race progress. Create several slides that place players in a difficult racing position, such as "you are getting rear ended by an opponent and fear spinning out. What do you do?" Players can then have several choices to choose from, such as "hit the brakes" or "turn to the left." Each answer should have its own consequences, such as spinning out or pulling away from the opponent. Players read their answers to the race leader who writes them down. He then goes to the next slide, which illustrates the results of each answer. The race leader can use a separate computer projection or a white board to keep track of the race progress. This game is useful for people who are learning about car racing physics.

Adventure Games

Adventure games give players a chance to explore wild realms and fight off evil monsters. Design your own simple adventure game in PowerPoint. This game will take a lot of slides to perfect but once it is finished it can be used to entertain and educate. Start by writing a simple story and creating a world that your players can explore. There should be monsters to fight, treasures to find and princesses (or princes) to win. The game should be text based, with each screen being a description of the current scene. Players can get a choice at the end of every slide. They can move in multiple directions, fight enemies, try to run or search for secrets. Defeating enemies can be educational by having each enemy defeated by answering a question. The questions in the game should reflect the information you are teaching. The same process can be used to find secrets, open treasure chests and run away from enemies.

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