Tips for patio chairs with rectangular legs

Updated March 23, 2017

Although the tips that cover the feet of your patio furniture may seem insignificant, they're a lot more than an extra flourish. Not only do the tips of chair feet protect the surface of your deck or patio, but they also keep your furniture off the ground, preventing the quick oxidation or deterioration of legs that come in constant contact with a hard surface. Depending upon the size of your chair's feet and its construction, many options for replacement tips are available.

Nail head glides

Wood and wood frame wicker furniture with square or rectangular feet larger than 2.5 cm (1-inch) square may use nail head glides. These 1.6 cm (5/8-inch) diameter glides place a PVC plastic head on a nail that's driven into the foot's bottom. When installed on larger feet, they're completely hidden and don't spoil the design of the furniture while protecting your furniture and patio.

Plasic leg inserts

Aluminium and steel furniture constructed from hollow tubing frequently use plastic inserts as tips on their feet. These inserts pound into the open end of the chair leg, with an overlap on the tip that covers the leg's metal edge. Because these feet attach to legs through friction, you must size them precisely to your chair's leg; many shapes and sizes are ordered online or at a furniture supply shop.

Teflon glides

While traditional felt glides soak up moisture and don't provide the protective barrier to maintain your furniture against the elements, Teflon versions of stick-on glides work well in an outdoor environment. Available in many different sizes and dimensions, choose a low-profile Teflon glide that's smaller than the leg itself, so it is obscured underneath the leg when the chair is placed on its feet.

Crutch tips

Crutch tips are rubber tips that slip over the outside of a chair leg. Available in several styles and colours, these tips are sized to match your furniture's leg size.

Forever Glides

Combining the durability and sliding aspects of Teflon glides with a self-levelling foam pad, Forever Glides affix directly to the base of your chair legs and are available in shapes that fit inside recessed leg tips or screw directly into wood or the plastic bottom surface of the feet.

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