Types of Micro USB Cables

Written by stacey buckner | 13/05/2017
Types of Micro USB Cables
The micro-USB is significantly smaller than the original USB cords. (wires image by OMKAR A.V from Fotolia.com)

To make connections between computers and other external devices easier, the Universal Serial Bus, or USB, was developed. They are used for devices such as cell phones and PDAs. Created by USB Implementers Forum, the original types of USB were A and B. As cell phones became smaller, USB-IF developed the mini-USB and micro-USB. The micro-USB is smaller and designed to be more durable than previous types.

Micro-USB A

You will find the Micro-USB A cable on the newer cell phones, PDAs, GPS and digital cameras. It has a white receptacle and a 5-pin design. It is capable of transferring 480 megabits per second (Mb/s). Classified as a male, the Micro-USB A has a rectangular shape.

Micro-USB B

The Micro-USB B is also found on the newer mobile devices. Like the Micro-USB A, it is capable of transferring 480 Mb/s. It has a 5-pin design and has a black receptacle. Also of the male gender, it has a hexagon shape.

Micro-USB AB

For on-the-go devices, USB-IF developed the Micro-USB A. Non-existent on cable, the receptacle for the Micro-USB AB is grey coloured and has a 5-pin design. It accepts either Micro-USB A or Micro-USB B.

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