The Best Indian Wedding Gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

Indian weddings blend a rich variety of traditions, and selecting just the right gift for an Indian wedding is an important part of celebrating the event with the bride and groom. While the wedding itself might be very traditional, the gift may either reflect Indian traditions or offer the bride and groom a more modern item that they will be able to use in their new life together. The goal should be to give the bride and groom an item of good quality that represents the start of their new life together and that they will be able to use and enjoy in the future.

Household Items

Household items are always appropriate for Indian weddings. Guests can gift the bride and groom with kitchen items, including cooking tools, appliances or utensils. Bedding is certainly welcome -- sheets, blankets, bedcovers and so forth. Decor items, including candle stands, photograph frames and decorative art are also acceptable for guests to give the bride and groom at an Indian wedding. And electronics of almost any kind are appreciated: toaster ovens, irons, music or video appliances, microwaves, and even digital cameras are all excellent gift ideas for Indian weddings.


Jewellery is a traditional wedding gift for Indian weddings, and a gift of jewellery is still appreciated and appropriate at a modern Indian wedding. Any type of gold or silver jewellery items -- bracelets (arm or ankle bracelets), necklaces, rings, earrings and even watches -- are welcome gifts for Indian newlyweds. Another traditional jewellery item is that of gold or silver coins strung together, or any piece of jewellery with a special engraving for the couple. Just be sure to keep the preferences of the bride and groom in mind, and any jewellery that is selected should reflect their personal tastes and preferences.

Cash or Gift Cards

While giving a bride and groom cash or gift cards might not seem like the most romantic or even the most appropriate gift, these items are becoming increasingly common. Cash and gift cards allow the bride and groom the chance to buy what they want or need for the future. If you know the store that the bride and groom prefer for shopping, consider a gift card for them to after the wedding. Another option for a more modern couple is to give them a gift card for a romantic getaway after the wedding: a spa weekend, a stay at a fine hotel or even a dinner at a luxury restaurant.

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