8th Anniversary Gifts for Men

Updated February 21, 2017

Men are notoriously tough to shop for, and after eight years of marriage you might be fresh out of ideas for the perfect anniversary gift. But with a little time, thought and imagination, you'll be able to pull off another gift your man will love. A few creative ideas will help you get started.


If you want to stick to traditional gifts, bronze is the way to go. Customise a bronze plaque or wall hanging with your names and wedding date on it, or give him a bronze picture frame with a recent picture of the two of you inside. For an even more personalised gift, have a bronze bust of your husband made. If you don't think he'd like the bust, consider purchasing a bronze sculpture of your clasped hands instead.


Pottery is another traditional eighth anniversary gift. Plan a fun date by signing up for a pottery wheel class together or take the class ahead of his birthday and make a sentimental piece for him. If pottery making isn't your thing, try browsing local shops for a piece he would like. Alternatively, keep it simple by purchasing matching pottery mugs so you can enjoy coffee together.

Linens and Lace

Linens and lace are two other customary eighth anniversary gifts. While these tend to be a bit feminine, enlist your creativity to turn them into a gift your husband is sure to love. For example, spread out a candlelight dinner on a new linen tablecloth. After dinner, wrap your romantic evening up with lacy lingerie and new bed linens.


Play it safe by steering away from traditional gifts and going with something nearly all men love---electronics. Splurge on that new flat screen he's always wanted, or buy a few accessories for the one he already has. Upgrade his old cell phone or computer to a newer one, or bring out the kid in both of you by surprising him with a video game you would enjoy playing together.


If your husband's had his eye on a grill, make your eighth anniversary an excuse to buy one. If you already have a grill, try putting together a gift basket with cooking utensils, spices and everything else he needs to plan the perfect meal. He'll love it and you'll both reap the benefits.


If you're still struggling for ideas, plan a date night by purchasing two tickets to a concert or sporting event your husband would enjoy. Schedule him for a round of golf at his favourite course, or buy a pair of tickets to a movie you've both wanted to see.

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