Thank you note ideas for kids' birthdays

Updated July 18, 2017

Birthday gifts are exciting to kids, as are parties and all the activities surrounding their special day. It's easy to get kids to help with birthday invitations and planning. But, the task of writing thank-you notes is not quite so exciting and is often viewed as a chore. Parents can help make those birthday thank-you notes fun to make and send.

Add a Photo to Thank-you cards.

Slip a birthday party or family gathering photo inside thank-you cards. Take a picture of the birthday party group, a family birthday photo or a picture of the child with her birthday cake or pile of gifts. After the party is over, you may want to take photos of the child with each gift she received. Make a copy for the child to keep and another for the gift-giver.

Scrapbook Page

Fold a sheet of plain or decorated paper in half to make a card that will fit into an 8 1/2-inch by 5-inch envelope. If using decorated paper such as a scrapbook page, fold the paper so the design is toward the inside. The birthday child can place a loop of tape on the back of one or more pictures to place on the page. Be sure not to place anything over the fold line. The child may also add favourite stickers, draw pictures or write about how much they enjoy the birthday gift. Use colourful letter stickers or gel pens to write "thank-you", or a phrase the child chooses, on the front of the card.

Printable Cards

Choose a printable card online. Some cards are printable "as-is" and others can be designed online, then printed.

Card-making software will allow a child to design his own cards, then print. Many card software programs allow for uploading personal photos to the cards.

Use Party Leftovers

Kids can cut a picture from leftover party plates, party-loot bags, name tags, wrapping paper or Mylar balloons. Tape or glue the cutouts onto a blank card or plain paper folded into a card shape. The birthday child may also glue these cutouts onto a piece of poster board, then cut out a rectangle or other shape to make bookmarks. Instead of sending a card, send the bookmarks with the child's handwritten thank-you on the back of the bookmark.

Favourite Character Cards

While planning for the party, watch for leftover Valentines, Christmas or other seasonal cards. Those cards, especially ones with the child's favourite character, will make nice thank-you cards. You may want to cut and use only the front of the card if the inside message is strictly for the holiday.

Treat Wrappers

Let the birthday child send a treat wrapper, or even a flat treat such as a stick of gum, to party guests. A chocolate bar wrapper with a tag that says, "You make me Snicker," or a piece of "Xtra" brand gum with a tag saying, "Your gift was Xtra special," will make fun and unique cards.

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