Gameboy Pokemon Crystal Gameshark Cheats

Pokémon Crystal was released in 2001; it is the last game in the Pokémon series for the Game Boy Color. "Crystal" has all the features from the previous games, plus a new storyline, revamped battle features and more Pokémon to collect. The game contains 251 Pokemon and 16 badges that can only be earned by defeating the toughest enemies. There are several Gameshark codes that can help you complete Pokemon Crystal.


The maximum HP for your Pokémon can be obtained by using the codes "01FFEADC" and "01FFEBDC." Attack power can be maximised with the codes "01FFECDC" and "01FFEDDC," while defensive power can be maxed with the codes "01FFEEDC" and "01FFEFDC." You can enhance the speed of your Pokémon with "01FFF0DC" and "01FFF1DC." Maximise the special ability powers of your Pokemon with "01FFF2DC" and "01FFF3DC." Your Pokémon must be returned to and withdrawn from the Pokémon Center for these increases to take effect.

Unlimited Pokéballs

Gameshark codes can create an unlimited supply of Pokéballs. Each code corresponds to one of your Pokéball slots--whichever type of Pokéball you have in the slot will not run out once these codes are used. Enter the code "9163d9d8" to receive infinite Pokéballs for slot one, "9163dbd8" for slot two, "9163ddd8" for slot three and "9163dfd8" for slot four.

All Pokemon Badges

You need badges in order to capture high-level Pokémon. These codes provide you with the badges without having to battle your way through challenging foes. You can obtain the eight badges from the Johto Gym bosses by using the code "01FF57D8." Obtain the eight badges from the Kanto Gym by using the code "01FF58D8." Use both codes to start with every badge in the game.

Unlimited Money

Capturing, training and maintaining your Pokémon can cost a lot of money. With these Gameshark codes, your wallet will never be empty as you try to become the world's greatest Pokémon trainer. To receive unlimited money, use the codes "010F4ED8," "01424FD8" and "013F50D8."

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