ISO 20000 Audit Checklist

Updated April 17, 2017

ISO 20000 was developed in 2005 as an international standard for information technology product management. The standard also reviews design and development specifications for implementing objectives to meet business and customer requirements. The ISO 20000 audit checklist is used as a guideline to review sections ranging from quality management to management responsibility.

Quality Management

Quality management documents how the organisation was created, with strategies toward implementing a quality management system. The checklist includes several paragraphs relating to documentation requirements of corporate and operational policies, establishment of a quality manual and policy statements, and planning quality management review procedures.

Resource Management

The resource management section of ISO 20000 addresses the provision of human and physical resources. Competency, awareness and training requirements are reviewed along with infrastructure (such as buildings and workspace), equipment (including hardware and software) and other support services. Work environments are also reviewed and analysed for employee and product support.

Product Realization

This section analyses the creation and manufacturing of a product in relation to established quality management system guidelines. Checklist sections include items relating to product documentation, inspection, costs, customer demand and design and development planning. Logistical operations pertaining to purchasing and distribution of the product are also analysed.

Management Responsibility

Management responsibility of ISO 20000 includes communicating the quality management and processes throughout the organisation. Management's role is to include within it's quality commitment, audit procedures, management reviews and preventive actions to eliminate fraud and waste throughout the organisation.

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