Christian Tongue Twister Games

Updated November 21, 2016

Christian tongue-twister games serve as fun icebreakers for new members to a Christian group and act as good vocal warm-ups in preparation for serious Bible oratory later on. Such games help to engage members into energised activity to raise the positive spirit of the group and to get the group working together in unity, while focusing indirectly on the Christian dynamic.

Round of Sheep

Objective of the game is to keep a tongue-twister going around a circle of players. The group leader says the first word of a tongue-twister and then the next player says the next word and so on and so forth until the tongue-twister is passed around the circle. The tongue-twister should gather speed with the goal to keep it going around until the leader shouts, "Round of sheep!" If the tongue-twister is broken by a faltering player, that player sits out while the game continues until the final shout is given or the last player remains standing. The Christian objective is never to leave one player standing like a lost sheep.

Fish the Twist

Introducing a beanbag fish called Twist to the circle, the group leader shouts "Twist!" before throwing the fish to another player. The catcher starts a tongue-twister and says the first line quickly and shouts, "Twist!" before throwing the fish to another player. The game continues until the tongue-twister is finished and a new tongue-twister is begun. The purpose of the game is to keep tongue-twisters going in order to keep the fish swimming forward to symbolically spread the Christian message. The game ends when a player decides to shout, "Fish the Ttwist!" instead of starting a new tongue-twister. But if a player has been left out of the game by not having the opportunity to play, the game is lost because the fish has to reach each player in the game. If the rhythm of the game is broken by a faltering player or the fish is dropped, the fish has to start swimming backward, so the tongue-twisters have to be said in the reverse. When the fish arrives back at the beginning, the fish can start swimming forward again.

Blind Twister

Standing randomly around the room, facing different directions and with eyes closed, the players begin. The group leader does not start the game because any player can start a chosen tongue-twister. Each person needs to say one word of the tongue-twister. But the difficulty for the next player is knowing exactly when to come in without another player coming in with the next word at the same time. If two or more players come in at the same time, the game goes back to the start. The objective is to work together in blind faith to complete the tongue-twister.

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