Ideas for 50th Anniversary Gifts for the Couple Who Has Everything

Updated November 21, 2016

By the time many couples make it to 50 years of marriage, they may have acquired a lot of stuff. That can make it hard to decide what to buy them for the occasion. But if you are creative enough, you can think of plenty of gifts the couple doesn't have. Personalising the gift to the couple will make it even more memorable.


Many senior citizens enjoy travelling, so purchase a gift for them with that theme. If you are looking for an expensive gift, purchase them plane tickets to somewhere they've never been, or to a city where one of their children lives. Buy them passage for a cruise so they can relax and enjoy each other's company. Alternatively, buy them travel-related gifts, such as passport holders, a monogrammed garment bag or guide books to somewhere they want to go.


This gift is a fun idea coming from someone who is very close to the couple, such as a friend or family member. Create a scrapbook that recounts good times they have had. If you want to, make the scrapbook specifically about the couple. Start with where they met and include photos and stories about them. Continue through their life together, up to the wedding anniversary. Alternatively, make the scrapbook about you and the couple. This is a good idea if you are the couple's child or grandchild.

Surprise Party

If they have everything, give the couple something that is intangible. A good time. Ask them over for a small dinner to celebrate their anniversary. But in reality, throw them a huge surprise party. Invite all of their children, grandchildren and other family members. Decorate your home, restaurant or wherever you hold the party with lots of gold decor along with pictures of the couple throughout their years together. Serve their favourite foods and don't forget to have a big cake. Consider recreating their wedding cake for the occasion.

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