List of free interior design & residential architecture magazines

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you are an architect, an interior designer or just interested in home design, it is possible for you to receive trade magazines for free. A trade magazine, also called a trade journal, is geared specifically to appeal to the interests and needs of people who work in a particular industry. The publishers often offer free subscriptions to people who work in a related field; the magazines are funded by advertisements aimed specifically at those professionals.

Residential Architecture Magazine

Residential Architect magazine is aimed at a broad spectrum of architects from one-time home designers to the heads of large employee firms. Updates from the magazine is available online for free.

Nesting Newbies Magazine

Nesting Newbies Magazine markets to amateur and nonprofessional decorators, particularly those who are just starting out. The magazine is available online for free download.


Eco-Structure is for professional architects who value sustainability in design. It contains articles detailing how to incorporate architectural "green" features. You may subscribe for free delivery (in the United States only).

Walls & Ceilings

Walls & Ceilings provides information for contractors, builders and finishers. They cover drywall, stucco, painting, soundproofing and many other subjects of interest to these professionals. You may subscribe for free delivery (in the United States only).


Remodelling magazine is geared to professional home remodelers. It covers design trends, business tips and working with suppliers and subcontractors. You may subscribe for free delivery (in the United States only).

American Spa

American Spa magazine is designed to appeal to those in the spa selling and installation business. It follows design trends as well as exploring installation and marketing techniques. This magazine has a digital version available on its website.

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