The System Requirements for Pro Tools LE 8

Updated July 20, 2017

Pro Tools LE 8 is an audio recording, editing, and production suite. LE stands for "Light Edition" which has limited capabilities compared to Pro Tools HD. Pro Tools LE 8 is commonly used in project and home studios or for portable recording and editing. Ultimately, a fairly modern computer and a compatible audio interface will allow you to use the software and to begin recording and mixing music.

Pro Tools LE 8 Requirements

You are required to install and connect a qualified Avid (previously Digidesign) hardware audio interface to any system running Pro Tools LE 8. The current software supports the Mbox 2 line of products but does not support the original Mbox. Install the correct driver from the Avid website. Obtain and register a valid software license for the Pro Tools LE 8 software.

Windows Specific Requirements

Windows XP will only support Pro Tools LE 8.1 while Windows 7 will support version 8.0.4 and above. Windows Vista has not been officially tested but has been known to function properly.

Mac Specific Requirements

Pro Tools LE version 8 runs only on Intel based Mac systems. Versions 8 through 8.0.3 run on Leopard 10.5 and versions 8.0.4 and above will run on Snow Leopard 10.6.3.

Hardware Suggestions

Though there are no specific computer hardware requirements to run Pro Tools LE 8 software, be aware that the quality and speed of all computer components will have a direct impact on the power and processing ability of the software. Audio records takes up large amounts of disk space and plug-ins require a great deal of processing power.

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