Electric tools for manicures

Updated April 17, 2017

You leave the nail salon with smooth fingernails, and yet when you try to do your own nails you can't seem to get rid of the ridges and rough spots. Your emery board is not doing quite the job those electric tools do at the salon. Electric manicure machines are used as a buffing agent for both natural and synthetic manicures. Though they're certainly pricier than emery boards, electric manicure tools are available for purchase, and may help you get professional-looking nails at home.

Beauty Supply Stores

Beauty supply stores like Sally Beauty Supply sell manicure machines and drills. Look online at for several different types, ranging in price from around £16 to £107, as of August 2010.

Nail Genie Professional Machines

The Nail Genie Professional Model Manicuring Machine is about £107 and is recommended for acrylic nails. It has two speeds with different sanding and cylinder attachments. The Nail Genie junior is much smaller and is appropriate for natural nails. As of 2010, it is about £42 and runs on three C batteries, according to Sally Beauty Supply.

SuperNail Ultimate Manicure Machine

The SuperNail Ultimate Manicure Machine is priced at around £91, as of 2010, and comes with a rechargeable drill. It is cordless and can be used on acrylic, gel and natural nails. It claims that it "smooths rough skin, shapes, buffs and shines the nail." The SuperNail Deluxe Manicure costs around £16 and is much smaller. It can be used for natural and synthetic manicures.

Satin Smooth Machines

The Satin Smooth Nail Profiler Professional Manicure Kit can be plugged in and recharged. It comes in a travelling kit that stores six attachments and a sterilizer cabinet. It can be used on natural and acrylic nails, and costs about £24, as of 2010. The Satin Smooth Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure Kit's drill has two speeds and twelve head attachments. It can be charged via a cord and costs roughly £32. It can also be used on both natural and synthetic nails.

Medicool Turbo File II Electric Filing System

The Medicool Turbo File II Electric Filing System works on acrylic and natural nails. It has variable speed controls, a 20,000 RPM motor and is lightweight. It costs about £84 and has a one-year warranty, as of 2010.

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