What wall colors go best with dark furniture?

Accenting your furniture and paint are the two main elements to room decor. They are the largest part of the decorating scheme and the most visible. Choosing a colour to match dark furniture offers several options. Having an idea of the atmosphere you want to create is the first step; from there you can follow some easy steps to make the wall colour you choose snap your furniture to life.


A monochromatic theme is a colour scheme that uses one or two primary colours but with varying shades. An example of this theme with dark furniture is Mahogany wood. If the furniture is a deep mahogany, the walls can be the same colour, but two shades lighter for contrast. The trim could be a shade darker than the furniture in the same shade to continue the theme. There should be some accent colour in a complementary shade such as cream to offset the depth of the colour scheme but keep these minimal. The main focus would be on having the mahogany theme with lighter and darker variations.


If you wish a heavy contrast to the decorating theme choose a complementary colour scheme. Complementary means colours that are on opposite ends of the spectrum but enhance each other. For instance ebony furniture with white walls, deep brown oak furniture with cream colour walls. Another possibility in the more extreme range would be dark furniture such as a red or blue upholstery, and choose something such as a lemon yellow for the walls to make the colours pop.


Dark furniture is always a dramatic focal point. To downplay this use neutral tones on the walls. This can give a relaxed and yet more elegant feel to the room. If the furniture is black, taupe or tan in a cool tone makes a good wall colour, with off white for the trim. Deep brown furniture colours do well with soft beige or off white for wall colours. If your furniture is bold such as a deep plum, use a soft gold to play up the furniture without making the colour scheme loud.

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