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Updated April 17, 2017

If you are looking to get the perfect present for a special woman in your life, the three main categories that almost all women love are flowers, chocolate and jewellery. While flowers and chocolate are cheaper options for the man on a budget, jewellery is the best choice if you are looking to splurge. A bracelet can make a nice gift for a daughter, sister, mother or best friend as well. To make your present really special, personalise it with an engraved message that will mean something to both of you.

Her Name

One way you can personalise a bracelet is to get her name engraved on the front in pretty, script letters. This will show that you really bought the bracelet with her in mind and will serve as a good identifying detail if she ever loses it. If the bracelet is for your girlfriend and you have future plans to propose, make sure to leave off her last name so that she can later add yours.

Both of Your Names

If you are buying the bracelet for your wife or girlfriend, getting both of your names engraved together is a special way to show your love for her. You can include the date that you got married or that you had your first date for an extra caring touch.

A Quote

For the more poetic type, choosing a meaningful quote can be a nice touch to show your love for her. You can either choose a quote that you both already like or pick one that you feel symbolises your relationship. For a mother, you might want to write, "I'll Always Need You" or a simple "World's Best Mom," while for a girlfriend, "I Caught a Falling Star" and "Until the End of Time" are sweet options.

Best Friends

If you are buying the bracelet for your sister or good friend, you can show how much you care for her by writing "Best Friends" on her bracelet and including both of your names. You can buy one for yourself as well and engrave one with "Best" and the other with "Friend" so that everyone will know you are a pair.

A Message

A message differs from a quote because a quote is usually something timeless, while a message pertains to the exact reason that you purchased the gift. A father looking to congratulate his daughter on her graduation, for example, might want to write a "Congratulations" message on the bracelet he has purchased for her. Similarly, you can write a "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary" message on the bracelet.

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