Hair Cuts That Look Good on Women Over 50

If you're a woman over 50, no one says you have to wear your hair in a grey bun.Today, there are as many hair cuts for older women as there are for younger women. An older woman should choose a hair cut based on her facial shape, hair colour, texture and her personality. The right choice can make her look and even feel younger.

The Bob

The classic bob is a hair cut for women of any age. Older women often choose this cut for its versatility. According to the website Hairfinder, older women don't have to follow any guidelines for bob styles. Instead, the hair cut should simply fit their hair colour and facial features.

Short Hair

Many women over 50 begin to experience dry and overall thinner hair. A short hair cut, or a "pixie cut," can accentuate a woman's face, rather than her hair. A hair cut with some length at the ears and in back can soften neck and shoulder areas that "start to look drawn with age," according to Paul Jones, a hairstylist writing for the Hairdo Hairstyles website.

Flipped Shag

Flipping the tips and layering hair can update a shorter or shoulder-length hair cut. According to BecomeGorgeous, an online beauty magazine, "Whether you go for symmetrical or uneven layers, the trick is to devote some time to flashing (flipping) the groovy ends, adding volume and texture to your hairdo." Flipping ends also gives you an overall youthful appearance. Use a gel or wax to make a flipped shag look more natural or spiky.

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