Deer Antler Gift Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Deer antlers can be used to make many different home decor items that can be given as gifts to friends and family. Deer antler decor works best in rustic-designed homes, although it can make an interesting accent in almost any interior decor setting. Many speciality stores offer a wide selection of deer antler gifts to choose from. Deer antler gifts can also be made at home if you have a few deer antlers at your disposal.

Wine Rack

Wine racks are commonly made from one or two deer antlers and make elegant gifts for friends and family. The larger the antler and the more points the antler has, the more bottles of wine it can hold. If you are making a deer antler wine rack on your own, choose an antler that has rounded points so that they will hold the bottles of wine.


A deer antler mirror makes an interesting gift and a conversation starter. Deer antler mirrors are made by attaching antlers to a mirror to frame it. This can be done with a mirror of any size or shape, so long as you have enough antlers to frame it. When framing a mirror with antlers, bolt the antlers together before attaching them to the mirror. A deer antler mirror can be displayed on any wall in a home and makes a wonderful gift for someone moving into a new house.


Deer antler silverware is a commonly sold item in rustic gift stores because it can be crafted with any deer antler. Deer antler silverware is made by attaching a deer antler point to the back of a fork, spoon or butter knife in a similar fashion to how the butt of a knife is attached to the blade. Any deer antler can be used for this as long as at least 4 inches of good-quality antler is available. This is a great way to use an otherwise ruined antler.

Candle Holder

A candle holder can be made using a multiple point deer antler and small tea light candle holders. The tip of each point on the antler is cut off to make a flat surface and the tea light candle holder is then glued onto it. This can be done with an antler of any size, which makes it a great way to utilise smaller antlers.

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