Hairstyles for people with a widow's peak

Updated April 17, 2017

A widow's peak is a triangular pattern of hair growth in the centre of the forehead that extends below the regular hairline. If you have a widow's peak, there are different styles to either conceal or accentuate it, depending on whether you like or dislike the way it looks.


If you have long fringe or all one-length hair, you can use curls to blend the widow's peak in with the rest of your hair to make it less noticeable. Create voluminous curls with a curling iron or hot rollers, making sure to add extra curl around the face. Once you are finished curling, arrange curled locks strategically over the forehead and sides of face to cover the widow's peak. Finish with a strong hold hairspray to ensure your style stays in place.


Cutting fringe into your hair can mask a variety of traits: wrinkles, a large forehead, and of course, a widow's peak. You can have straight fringe cut, or you can have a longer bang that is swept to the side for a slightly different style. Either look will mask the widow's peak. Longer fringe might be more versatile if you like to wear your hair completely back for exercise or other physical activities. You can also hold them in place with a headband.

Soft Layers

Select a cut with long, soft layers around the face to add volume to hair and take the focus away from your widow's peak. You wear this cut straight, curly, or wavy. The extra layers will add volume and movement to your hair, making your widow's peak less obvious.

Center Part

If you like the way your widow's peak looks and want to accentuate it with your hairstyle, try a centre part, keeping the rest of your hair style the same. The centre part brings attention to the front of your hair. This is fine for straight or curly hair.

Slicked Back Style

Another style to enhance your widow's peak is the slicked back look. Pull your hair straight back into a low ponytail or messy bun to make your widow's peak front and centre in your style. Secure with a hair band and pins if needed. Finish with a strong hold hairspray to keep the look in place all day.

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